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Who is FDOC?

FDOC believes temperature affects your daily life. Because of this, we think that great thermometers can make life better.

Temperature is Our Main Thing

Temperature is probably the most widely measured physical parameter. It affects the quality of daily life in more ways than most people imagine. We believe that great thermometers can make life better. All thermometers are not the same. Safety and quality depend on accurate temperature measurement but cost, durability, and productivity are important too. We think most people want dependable advice but it's got to come from cooperative people that listen to what you need. Best of all you can speak to us directly.


FDOC management has decades of experience in the temperature measurement and instrumentation industries. We are seasoned in the development and instruction of measurement courses, publications, and the design of thermometers. Our staff is regularly instructed in the practical science of thermometry and the technology behind our products.

The FDOC Team

Team Photo